Saturday, January 5, 2008


the fireworks show begins and the kids were very excited!!

rob and kyle had fun setting off all the fireworks for the kids

sofia was a little unsure about the fireworks, so she kept her distance

okay so i got a little ahead of myself.... we had a fun new years eve. we had our friends mollie and kyle goodrich over with there 2 little kids milo and evelyn. the kids had fun playing all night and eventually all crashed on the couch. the adults all sat around the table eating lots of food and playing a game called imaginiff. it was pretty fun but nobody was too impressed. we realized just in time that we were about to miss midnight, so we quickly turned on dick clark and counted down the last 15 seconds of 2007. we toasted the new year and sat back down to continue what we were doing. it was a fun night with good company. no resolutions were really made, just a continued hope that we will eat better, work out more and spend more time as a family. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 


Nash Family said...

how fun!!! We didn't have fireworks!!

Louise said...

I love how all your kids are inside watching the fireworks! My kids do that too! Glad Jakob is adjusting to his new school.

Rboot said...

You all look so lonely..I wonder why!

The Tait Family said...

why weren't the kids outside watching the fireowrks? in one picture it looks like annalies has one leg. how funny!

Rob, Shanna and the fabulous five said...

it was sooooooo cold out and they could enjoy it more from the window. it was also really muddy. we didn't have all that fun snow to play in like you all did!!! and yes we were very lonely, but it was not quiet with our 5 screaming kids.