Friday, December 28, 2007

the syrup story

what a mess..... i have seen some very sweet interactions between each of our children. once i watched annelies sweetly brushing sofia's hair or the time they were cuddled up in bed together reading books and snuggling. or the time i walked in on nico rubbing oliver's back and singing him a lullaby. but nothing tops what rob saw today. this is sweet in a whole different sense of the word. as the kids were playing and running around like they always do, rob decided to peak in and see what they were up to. to his surprise he saw something he couldn't believe!! sofia and jakob were taking turns taking swigs out of the syrup bottle. GROSS!! as soon as they saw me coming to stop them, they scattered like little cockroaches when you turn the light on. rob and i got a big laugh out of that one!!


Louise said...

LOL, on the scattering cockroach analogy! So cute and funny! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas, so heres to an awesome new year. Happy New Year!

melanie said...

oh gross... reminds me of the ELF movie.