Friday, December 7, 2007


It was a very busy day. the roast went in the oven at 10 am and the house got straightened up all day with all the little ones coming behind me just to destroy what i had cleaned. rob, lorna and andy came over to eat dinner, get a christmas tree and do our sinter claus traditional stories, hot chocolate and speculas. YUM!! while the boys and annelies left to get the christmas tree, lorna and i finished up dinner. the boys came in with a beautiful tree and we sat down to eat shortly after. we had such a yummy dinner with roast beef, potatoes, carrots, yorkshire pudding, gravy, spinach salad, and rolls. VERY TASTY and rob was in heaven. after dinner poppy told his history of sinter claus story and put jakob in the naughty sack. then rob sang songs with the kids and lorna finished with the bakers dozen. we then opened presents and then finished the night with hot chocolate and speculas. it was a fun night. oh did i mention there was a heated debate between rob and robert (i won't mention about what) and i got stuck with the clean up at the end. i will say the boys did clear the table. other than that, it was a picture book evening!


The Tait Family said...

I wish we were there. We never really celebrate Sinter Clause. We do a little bit but we don't have the story telling. I don't have the books(well the english versions) anyways sounds fun!

Nash Family said...

How fun! I wish my kids hear poppy's stories. I told my kids about grandma's brother who pulled the cat's tail, and pete took him away! I taught them sinterclause song and even Otto learned it!

Louise said...

If my kids new about this tradition, they'd be look'n for some new heritage!! How fun to have such strong traditions to pass on! Thanks for your cute comment on my blog- I love yours too. It's fun to see how unique families can be- you have such an adorable family. You must get stopped all the time when your out and about with all those gorgeous children! Yes, I do have a mac. I really love it but some of the stuff I have on my blog, i had to do with my PC- wierd- or rather it's probably my mac inexperience! oh well! Hey, email me your address, I'd love to send you a Christmas card. :-)