Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We had an amazing time in the snow this weekend! i cannot believe we got as much snow as we did, but it came down and kept coming until we reached a good 6 inches. the kids were in heaven. since we are from the south and don't have much use for snow boards and sleds, we improvised with wake boards (minus fins) and boogie boards. it worked just fine and we got plenty of speed on our little slopes to satisfy the kids desire for some fun snow sliding! the kids spent most of the night outside on Friday night until it got too dark and woke up early saturday morning to continue playing. Nico and Annelies invited some friends to play, once the roads were safe enough to travel on. Nico invited his friend (a girl) Kerstin over and annelies had Kerstin sister Lauren. by the end of the day, the kids were soaked and exhausted.

we woke up on sunday to Ollie with an awful kroopy cough and sniffles and coughs all around! i had to make it to church since i was teaching Relief Society, so i called my mom in to watch the kids. Rob spent the weekend in south GA for a field trial. as i was getting dressed and ready for church, nico decides to fix himself some breakfast and pull out THE SHARPEST KNIFE IN THE DRAWER to cut some cheese for a biscuit. all of the sudden i hear cries from Nico like he is dying..... i come down to find blood everywhere and his finger continuing to drip blood in the sink. he was freaking out and i began to panic..... luckily the bleeding stopped after 4 soaked paper towels. my friend Karena (a nurse) came to my rescue to reassure me that he did not need stitches. i went on to church, came home, fixed lunch and collapsed on the couch for a 4 hour nap!

we had a great and dramatic weekend!!! i LOVE the snow, but i am glad we only get it maybe once a year.



Can't wait for Becks to get big enough to enjoy the snow more. Looks like they had so much fun!