Saturday, January 30, 2010

KIDS HOLIDAY FESTIVITIES~ backtracking (sorry)

this is Jakob's sweet class, that i have the privilege of being the room mother for! they are all SOOOOOO sweet and always have great big hugs and smiles for me!
i am the VT to one very special girl, she is pictured in the middle wrapped in her puppy dog paws blanket.... i love visiting with wendy and i am lucky to get to spend a little time with her each month!
rob always loves telling the story of Sinter Claus.... this year his parents would be out of town, so we invited friends from church over to help us celebrate the festive occasion.
sofia and ollie eating ice cream sundays at sofia's holiday party at school.
and last, but not least..... Nico crying during his 4th grade winter performance at school. he HATES getting up in front of people and instead of singing with everybody else, he stood on the stand the entire time with this look on his face and tears streaming down his face. i think it was a good 30 minutes of misery for the kid!!



Love all the new blogs! I wish I had known your hs girlfriends were all getting together! I would have loved to see them! And I had no idea Nico had such stage-fright?!

The Tait Family said...

haha nico so funny!

the MuLLinS said...

Loving the updated blog! Do you still have the puppies?? We need to come see them still! And Shanna, I started crying when I saw the Karis button. Thank you SO. MUCH. Wow.