Friday, February 6, 2009


In the very cold month of January we got the news that grandma Boot was not doing well. in the past months we had planned for this, but weren't sure when it would take place. Rob did not take any chances and planned for a drive out to utah, not knowing how long he would be gone. he decided to take nico with him and also made the road trip with his dad. it was three generations of quality time! the long journey began and i received several phone calls to assure me that they were doing great. once in utah they spent lots of time visiting with grandma boot and hearing great stories from aunt anneka and anyone else that had something great to share about grandma boot. She was an amazing woman and was very special to so many people. she will be missed by everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her or hearing her speak. nico had such an amazing time out there visiting and having some time off from school. at one point he called me and asked if i could ship his stuff out to utah. he did not want to come home! 

*i wish i could have been at the funeral to say my goodbye's. i appreciated how welcome and 
  loved she always made me feel. i am just so happy that she is with HER nico again!!


Cheyenne said...

That's very touching. My condolences to all of you. I'm glad the boys had that opportunity to spend quality time together and with her. Love you!

the MuLLinS said...

Wow, what a priceless picture of the three of them!! I'M about to print that and keep it in case something ever happens to your copy, it's perfect! I too send my condolences and well wishes to you and all the family, but I also think she must be so happy with her Nico and many many others who have been waiting to see her. Love you guys! Great post!

Joe and Jake Est. 1990 said...

What a beautiful entry! I am so sorry to hear of her passing. I remember hearing her speak in sacrament meeting. You have such a sweet family.