Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Nico and Jakob have had so much fun this summer at the lake. nico turned 9 this summer, so Rob had it planned for nico to start wake~boarding. after several attempts at it, Jakob decided he was ready to try..... on his first attempt, he was up. the kid has some super strong muscles from all of his physical therapy through the years. Nico then decided that he was not going to be shown up by his younger brother and made one more attempt. these videos are from 4th of July. It was so fun. thanks to our good friend Joe who really helped the boys out a lot!!

*** after many attempts to upload the video, i can't figure the stinkin' thing out!! ADVICE PLEASE!! anyways...... sorry, i will figure it out soon and you can see my amazingly talented wake-boarders.


julie said...

i have spent the last half hour catching up on your darling family. Wish we lived closer! We are one and the same!


if you find out the trick to the videos, let me know!